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Denise Caron Quinn, CEO

A NYC client had a vacation home upstate that was under renovation and she needed an onsite project manager to supervise its completion. This client was an extremely busy professional who was entrusting us with oversight responsibility in a complex situation. Leslie and I had worked together several times in the past, and being comfortable with her experience and skills, I decided to put her in charge of managing this project. In Order to Succeed® recommended a new General Contractor after it was determined that the previous GC would not be able to complete the job to our client’s satisfaction. Leslie first created a methodical, organized (and massive) task list that was coordinated with the client’s goals, timelines and requirements for the construction loan from the bank. This not only served as the guiding plan for the entire project but also as a basis for all estimates and proposals from the contractors. In addition, Leslie was responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, meeting with building inspectors to qualify for the certificate of occupancy, and meeting with bank inspectors for approvals. Since the client was not onsite for most of the week, Leslie maintained detailed daily communication about every aspect of the work, and then met with the client bi-weekly to inspect the work completed and set the next goals. All major decisions were approved with the client’s input. Her responsibilities included: coordinating the work of several contractors, juggling multiple appointments and deliveries, researching local contractors and resources for comparative bids, coordinating diverse decisions with the stone mason, the electrician, the plumber, the fireplace installer, the well and pump contractor, and the general contractor. Leslie’s ability to go all out for her client was evidenced every day in the responsible way she handled every aspect of this project, always expecting a high standard of service of herself and everyone she supervised. Her meticulous attention to detail was crucial to making this project exceed the client’s expectations. The client relied upon Leslie’s excellent design and space planning expertise for many issues such as: designing closet organizers, working with the electrician to create a new lighting plan for the kitchen and foyer, designing the two story rear deck, advising on the styles of light fixtures throughout the house, choosing exterior paint colors and shutters, and working with the stone mason on all aspects of design and materials for the new chimney, entrance, fireplace, and front and backyard patios. In addition, all the client’s possessions were being stored in the garage (filling most of it!) until the interior renovations were completed. First, Leslie supervised the cleaners to thoroughly clean every inch of the house particularly given all the construction dust that had gathered over many months. She supervised the movers regarding furniture placement and then worked with the cleaners to unpack and organize all the pertinent household items. Many additional boxes of personal items and records were then organized in the garage into categories to make it easier for the client to review and make decisions about. Two years later, this client returned and requested Leslie's services again to design and supervise the complete renovation of a large attached garage, to be transformed into a family room. Working closely with the client and the contractor, Leslie planned the placement of new french sliding doors, skylights, and windows, as well as a full wall of storage closets. The mudroom was expanded, a large pantry closet planned and flooring treatments researched. In summary, Leslie is a consummate organizing professional who I would unquestionably recommend for any project management job—from renovations, to space planning and design, and supervision of staff.

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Holli, Interior Designer/Artist

During the last 4 years, I worked closely with Leslie Rolnick. We served together on the board of the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum, first as members of the board, next as co-chairs, and finally she became executive director while I was still the chair of the board. During that time, I found Leslie to be a superior board member, a wonderful partner, and an excellent employee. Her intelligence and remarkable organizational skills helped us to achieve the many successes that marked the past few years at the WAAM. Leslie authored many of the policies that the organization now operates under and completed the application process to become a chartered museum. She successfully supervised a staff of six, overseeing the multi-faceted administration and programming of the organization. Leslie helped write and administer some of grants that the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum received. One of the grants was for the renovation of the WAAM building on Tinker St. in Woodstock. Leslie assessed the needs of the organization using input from the staff, designed and oversaw the work on both the interior and exterior of the building. Because of her efforts, the project came in on time, and on budget.

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Ellen, Tech Consultant

I hired Leslie to help me deal with the contents of my mother's home about a year after she passed away. It was still too difficult to do on my own, so much stuff, so many memories! I was impressed with Leslie's sensitivity to my feelings and the way she listened to and encouraged me to talk about my parents as we went through many years of personal momentoes, furniture, decorative things, all the kitchen items and dishes, and many things from my own childhood, much of it in a stuffed and dirty attic. In addition, there was the possibility of finding very valuable coins that I thought had been hidden by my father - I trusted Leslie implicitly with this and knew I could rely on her integrity if they were found when she was working on her own. Leslie also helped me with ideas to dispose of things that I wasn't keeping but had value. I really valued Leslie's expertise but most of all her compassion and support. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is going through the same difficult process!

Marshall, Real Estate Agent

Marshall, Real Estate Agent: I can't begin to thank Leslie for the order and calm she has brought into my life. She is my organizational angel and has banished the clutter, stress and panic attacks that were occurring on a daily basis at my office. She was patient and calm as we went through piles and stacks of my hectic work life and showed me the very easy and simple ways to get organized and, most important, to keep it that way! Thank you, Leslie!!!

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Howard, Attorney

When a purchaser for my home materialized, it was the day before I was leaving for a two-week business trip. The buyer needed possession within six weeks of that date. My schedule upon returning from the trip was extraordinarily busy and meeting the buyer's date was impossible. I contacted Leslie and had her take over the coordination of the move and the moving sale. Everything went off without a hitch; it was truly amazing! It could not have been done without her. There is no way this recommendation can, in fact, express the terrific job she did under unusual and difficult circumstances.

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Gail, Entrepreneur

Wow...with Leslie's hard work, not only were my long lost treasures in my closets and file cabinets found but I have been able to keep everything neat and tidy with her wonderful approach to organization. She helped me clear out things I had accumulated and no longer needed, creating order (and more room!) in my cabinets. We set up a filing system that would be easy for me to use, which was complicated by having paperwork in two residences for my various commitments and interests. Leslie tailored what she did to my needs and she made the experience enjoyable even though organizing is not my favorite task!

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Karen, Event Planner

Leslie Rolnick changed my life - literally - and in the very best way. With a career in national events & media management that spanned over 25 years, I had collected an enormous amount of mostly unsorted material that needed to be transformed into a functional archive. Moving on quickly to new projects, events and urgent deadlines left me little time to organize the backlog of files, photos and materials that had accumulated in a mountain of boxes over the years, let alone keep up with the organizational needs of my current projects. With Leslie’s unwavering encouragement, persistence and well-honed organizing techniques, this seemingly insurmountable task of creating a 25 year work archive was accomplished in just a few sessions. And in the process, Leslie helped to create efficient new organizing systems that continue to serve me well in all my event and media production projects. Leslie’s supportive, collaborative services were also a tremendous help after a recent move and when I was left to close out the estates of several departed family members. Unpacking, clearing out old clutter, bills and papers, sorting photographs and even re-organizing my kitchen and offering decorating tips were accomplished quickly and effectively. I highly recommend Leslie Rolnick. She has allowed me to discover a greater sense of personal well-being in my now clutter-free work and home life. And she will do the same for you!

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John, Retired Engineer

My situation was complicated by a stroke that left me with mild traumatice brain injury. I have some physical limitations and information processing issues. I lived in a small apartment with little storage and the closets were stuffed. It was difficult for me to open a closet and make sense of what I was seeing and looking for. Leslie arranged everything in a common sense way so I could find everything and put it back easily. She also sorted through all my papers in my storage unit and organized everything so my aid and family knew where to find medical records and legal documents. Leslie made my life so much easier, she was always so patient and kind.

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