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There are so many ways that a professional organizer can help make life work in the way you need it to.










DESIGN SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of services, covering everything from clearing a desk to clearing a house, from designing a closet to a complete room, from the smallest plans to the biggest projects.

Please call for a free 20-minute phone consultation.
Let's talk about your challenges and current situation to figure out a plan that best suits your needs.


Fee Structure

All work is billed on an hourly rate. The fee is billed in half-hour increments and begins at the agreed upon appointment time.


Paid time includes: all discussion regarding assessments, decisions, recommendations, and coaching as well as hands on work. The hourly fee is also charged for coaching calls, off-site planning, research, and writing.


Payment in full is required at the conclusion of each session with the exception of larger projects that may require a retainer and a contract.


Additional fees may include travel time and expenses, shopping time and materials.

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