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portrait photo of leslie rolnick the designer

About The Organizer

Leslie Rolnick has been a professional organizer for over 20 years. An eclectic background and extensive range of work experience influences her approach to organizing. With a Masters in Special Education and many years of teaching experience, she understands the complex issues surrounding the challenges to getting and staying organized. Leslie also believes that space planning, function and aesthetics are an integral part of organizing one's home or office. Her fine art training and design experience influences everything she does.

Leslie feels that when you define your personal vision of an organized life, and set goals accordingly, anyone can be empowered to bring balance into their lives. She works with her clients in a patient, compassionate way that supports and inspires them to persevere in their quest to become organized. There is hope!

“It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become."   - Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Policies and Services

First Session:

  • Assessment of the physical space to determine current usage, layout, size, function, storage, aesthetics, and traffic flow.

  • Discussion of client’s lifestyle, habits, strengths, challenges, and current systems.

  • Evaluation for coaching needs to learn new organizational skills.

  • Identify client’s goals regarding interior design, space planning, decluttering possessions, downsizing, time management and paper based file systems.

  • Hands-on work commences depending on available time.


Options for Working With a Professional Organizer:

  • For an additional hourly charge, a detailed plan is prepared which clients may choose to implement themselves. 

  • Clients can work with the organizer for a limited number of sessions, with or without additional telephone coaching, and then use the plan to complete the project themselves.

  • The organizer can implement all aspects of the project with periodic involvement from the client.

  • The client collaborates and works with the organizer on all aspects of the project.

  • Sessions are scheduled for a minimum of two hours depending on distance.

  • Clients are provided with one 15-minute telephone coaching call in between sessions to facilitate completion of an assignment.

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